Hi, I’m Steve. My goal is to build a refuge for the homeless. Imagine a town on a busy highway, with gas stations, convenience stores, a coffee shop and some fast food restaurants, all owned by a philanthropic organization. These businesses will provide opportunities for homeless people who are able and willing to work to rebuild their lives.

This will be a town that thrives on free enterprise, using the profits of the various businesses to help people. There will be counselors and support groups available for people who are recovering from addictions. As people begin to rebuild their lives while working and earning a paycheck, there will be a bank where they can open an account and save money. They will also have the opportunity to start rebuilding their credit.

The ongoing operation of the town will not rely on charitable donations. It will all be funded by the profits of the various businesses that will be operated by our organization. Travelers along the highway will stop to buy gas and other goods at the convenience stores and fast food restaurants. I have a specific location in mind, but this idea could be done in any number of locations.

The particular location I have in mind could easily be developed into a tourist attraction in its own right. The basic elements of the tourist attraction are already in place, and just need some renovating. Many travelers on the highway will stop to see the tourist attraction, which will increase business in the town.

That’s the basic outline. Of course there are many more details, and I’d be happy to discuss those with you. Please email me: enterprisingphilanthropy at yahoo.com.


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